Team Building Within Social Media - UAE Studies and Analysis
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Team Building Within Social Media

Team Building Within Social Media

If you know how to use it, social media can be a powerful digital marketing tool. Most individuals and companies today use them primarily as ‘advertising space,’ ignoring their far more significant influence. In the world of business, business leaders have already recognized the power of these platforms. Social networks can be of great help in creating a better business environment and strengthening relationships with employees.

Communication Tool

Social media are a channel of communication that can be used in several ways. Internal communication between employees of a company can be done through social networks. While intranet and emails are used for formal business talking, discussion about team building can take place on social networks. These activities are related to the company but more casually.

The more relaxed communication that employees have through social networks improves their cooperation. Team building activities on these platforms strengthen their out-of-the-office relationships, so they become a better team in the workplace.

Overcoming Physical Barriers

In modern business, remote work is taking the lead. Geographically distant team members are often not too cohesive and connected. Team building activities involving social networks contribute to building relationships between them, even when they do not have face-to-face communication.

For example, employees can customize virtual boards for communication, sharing ideas, and concepts. Also, they can do some relaxing activities, such as playing games (like World of Warcraft). Although it does not act seriously, this can be an excellent team building activity for developing and improving business skills.


In business communication, tens and hundreds of emails are exchanged daily. A social network page can be useful to keep employees up-to-date about some significant event or team building activities. You can create a group or event, allow all employees to participate in discussions and access relevant information anytime, anywhere.