Revolution of Digital Marketing - UAE Studies and Analysis
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Revolution of Digital Marketing

Revolution of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has changed the total marketing industry. Over the past two decades the growth of digital platforms has increased at a greater scale; so does the digital marketing.

Digital marketing and traditional marketing can go side by side but there are huge differences between these two. Digital marketing has brought revolutionary change is the marketing world.

Do you ever think, what are the reasons behind the revolution of digital marketing? In this article, we will have a look at the are reasons behind the revolution of digital marketing.

Digital marketing platforms increasing day by day

Since the birth of the World Wide Web in the early 90s; digital platforms like search engines, websites, social media sites and etc. are increasing exponentially.

Increasing in digital platforms brings revolution in the marketing industry and digital marketing become a part and parcel for all business.

There is no big brother in the digital world

In traditional marketing like a TV commercial, Billboard ads, Radio commercial is tough to compete with giant companies.

But in digital marketing, there is no big brother. All digital platform ensure level playing field for the business owner.

People spend more time on digital platforms

People love digital. We spend a major portion of our time on digital platforms. So digital marketing is a perfect way for people who are online.

The digital marketing campaign in easily trackable

In digital marketing, you can easily see the output of your single marketing campaign which is not possible in traditional marketing.

It’s easy to take an important marketing decision when your marketing campaign results in front of your eye.

You can control your budget and target audiences

This also a prime reason behind the revolution of digital marketing. In digital marketing, you can reach more target audiences compared to traditional marketing.

These are the reasons behind the revolution of digital marketing. All sort of company needs to follow digital marketing trends in order to make a living. You can hire digital marketing agencies, freelancers, and do it yourself.