Infographics Trends in 2019 - UAE Studies and Analysis
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Infographics Trends in 2019

Infographics Trends in 2019

Infographics is a trendy way of marketing where you can represent complex information to your audience easily.

Infographics are getting popular day by day and today we will see the top ten Infographics trends in 2019. Ready?

  1. InfoGIFs

InfoGIFs means dynamic Infographics rather than a static infographics design. infogifs are so much appealing and can attract people to get engaged.

  1. Flat design

To visualizing complex data and info flat design infographics works great. The simplicity of the infographics makes it easier to understand.

  1. Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics mean where an audience can directly interact with the infographics. Interactive infographics are eye-catching and it’s become trendy in marketing.

  1. Typography and bright color combination

Awesome typography and perfect combination in infographics are becoming trendy and it can easily attract customers.

  1. 3D illustration

3D illustration in infographics becomes a popular trend in 2019. It is easier to represent data using 3D illustration infographics.

  1. Custom Art illustration

Custom art illustrated infographics is also become an infographics trend in 2019. In this infographics, the designer produced innovative and unique using custom art.

  1. Large Percentages

For statistical and data visualization large parentage infographics are also becoming popular day by day. In 2019, a large percentage of infographics become a trend in the industry.

  1. Quote Roundup

Quote roundup infographics is also a popular trend in 2019. In quote roundup, quotes are represented in an appealing way in infographics.

  1. Use of real photographs

Use of real photographs is also a popular trend in infographics in 2019. A lot of company is using real photographs in infographics.

  1. Large headlines

Use of large headlines in infographics becomes an infographics trend in 2019.

These are the top ten infographics trends in 2019. Infographics are a great way of marketing nowadays.