Hotel Categorization - UAE Studies and Analysis
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Hotel Categorization

Hotel Categorization

Hotel categorization or hotel’s star rating is how it is determined which hotels have which standards. Hotel categorization goes from 1-star rating up to 5 stars (or luxury) rating. The number of stars tells you what’s the service quality in that hotel. Service quality goes from poor to luxury. What are the minimum requirements a hotel must provide so it can get at least a 1-star rating? What are the services a luxury hotel offers to its guests? We’ll cover all the topics in this article.

Minimum Requirements

If any hotel wants to get at least 1-star rating, there are minimum requirements that need to be fulfilled to get a star rating. Hospitality industry determined these requirements as necessary:

– interior features within the object (water supply, air conditioning, elevators, sewerage, heating, etc.).

– the dining room and reception (the number of toilet facilities, minimum area, etc.).

– external fittings are surrounding areas like lighting.

– minimal surfaces hotel rooms with furniture, lighting, sanitary and hygiene facilities)

– staff with minimum qualifications.

– the minimum range of hotel services such as wake-up calls, car rental calls, etc.

Why Does Hotel Categorization Exist?

Hotel categorization is required so the guests can distinguish the differences between the level of service provided in each establishment. Another reason is that the specific hotel categorization has a specific price range.

Exception From The Five-Star Rating System

Burj Al Arab hotel is the only seven stars rated hotel in the world since the luxury and services it provides are beyond measuring by the standard five-star system.

Floating Hotels

Hotel on water or floating hotels are actually cruise ship hotels that are mostly in the range from 4 to five-star standard. Offering same services and even more like their counterparts on land, but with a much wider variety of services. Cruise ship hotels are unique hotels that often visit various islands and countries. That way, you can travel around the world within your hotel.