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Cupping Clinics Today

Cupping Clinics Today

Chinese treatment methods are successful and recognized all around the globe, although some people haven’t heard about them yet. One of the most popular is cupping, a type of reflex-o-therapy that has been used in ancient China. Of course, at that time, there were no cups and the principle of vacuum, so they used the bamboo stem.

Nowadays, cupping is used as the therapy for many health conditions, but also as a very effective method in treating the worst female enemy – cellulite.

How Cupping Works

Masseurs place cups on problematic spots and connect them with a vacuum machine. It creates pressure inside the cup. At the same time, cupping specialist move and press down the cups; that improves the flow of blood and lymph.

Cups should stay in troublesome areas for 15 minutes. Bruises will appear in problematic areas, as the bloodstream is disrupted. It’s like some kind of diagnostic that indicates there’s a problem there.

Cupping As A Beauty Treatment

Patients usually want their back treated, but ladies insist on tights, stomach, and hips too. Cupping works excellent when you want to get rid of accumulated fat and cleanse the body. This method is not a miracle, so don’t expect magical results unless you change some lousy life habits.

Already after several treatments, if you follow the instructions, you can normalize your metabolic functions. Degradation of stored fat gradually occurs. Improved blood and lymph flows do the body drainage and remove toxins from the orgasm. Patients feel vital, and they can see aesthetic results in the form of tightened skin and less visible cellulite on treated areas.

Safety Issue

You can be sure in the safety of this method only if you go to a certified cupping clinic. Today, many phony cupping experts on the market may forget to mention the possible side effects of this method. It can endanger your health (although this happens in a significant number of cases). Do not take risks and be fooled by low prices and false promises.