UAESA’s 34th Board Meeting and 1st Annual General Meeting for 2016

The UAE Shipping Association (UAESA) held its 34th Board Meeting and 1st Annual General Meeting for 2016 on, Tuesday, 8th March 2016, in Pullman Hotels & Resorts, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE. It was hosted by Red Sea Marine Management.

It was attended by all members to discuss the matters of the Association. Included in the discussions were, updates on UAESA action plans for 2016, a short update on the Association’s membership status, UAESA meetings and endorsed events for 2016.

Dr. Ali Al-Yabhouni, Chairman of UAESA, and CEO of Ruwais Fertilizer Industries (Fertil) welcomed all members and expressed his sincere thanks to all who took the time to be at the meeting.

The office updates were briefly presented by the Association’s Office Manager on behalf of the Secretary-General. The UAESA action plans 2016 have been put on hold earlier in the year on the account of two Association’s Officers’ uncertain tenure, but have been pushed forward again to make them happen. The Association had a good membership turn-out in 2015 and an update has been given for new interests to join.

An update on the UAESA accounts as at 7th March 2016, was presented by the Association’s Treasurer, Mr. Subramanian Jagdeesh.

Other business included discussions on the possibility of making the UAE flag an international flag and the Association has been called for support. The Chairman has also included his new position as the new CEO of Fertil, he has left ADNATCO-NGSCO in the beginning of 2016 and he has asked all the members for their advice on whether or not he should keep the Chairmanship. However, Dr. Al-Yabhouni is still keen in supporting the Association in any way possible. The same goes to the Secretary-General, Dr. Mansoori will also continue to support the Association. Hence, it has been agreed that there should be a permanent position for an individual to oversee the matters of the Association.

The Chairman concluded the meeting with thanks and appreciation to all.